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Baby Family Picnic


Hi, we're happy! Starting today you will be our best friend. We know you have many friends and therefore we trust that you are a very good child. If you make friends easily mean that you will like to play with us every day through this camping day game for kids. Here, in this game for kids, you'll be able to know a very nice family, you'll be able to help them have a great day. We know you like to walk in the park and for this reason we have prepared a picnic. The picnic is a very beautiful out, we all like to breathe fresh air when we go out for lunch in the park means that our day will be an excellent one. Today a family wants to have fun. Family members are very excited because they get your help, they know you will do whatever it takes for their little trip to be a success. You have to take good care of their child.Follow all instructions!
- In the beginning you will know the family;- They want to wash the car and you will have to help;- Wash the car;- Use special detergent;- Then clean water;- Rinse thoroughly windows;- Paint the car;- You have to pack their bags;- Then you must choose the right clothes for the picnic;- You have to take and an umbrella;- They can go to the forest;- You must dodge obstacles on the road;- The family came to the place where the picnic will take place;- They must install the tent;- Then you have to unpack luggage;- Prepare for the camera device;- Prepare food;- You have to make a campfire;- Find suitable firewood;- The family is happy, you are a good friend.
Thank you for choosing to spend the day with us, please come back every day through this game for girls.
Have fun!